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Holiday Newsletter 2022

Dear ASAS NJ Community,

As 2022 comes to an end, we reflect on the wonderful opportunity we’ve had to enrich the lives of the students we serve by providing them safe spaces where they learn, grow, and excel. 2022 has been a year of exponential growth for ASAS NJ. We ended our 2021-22 school year serving 1,000 students across six sites. In Summer, we welcomed 1,100 students to full-day summer camp and celebrated the return of in-person field trips.

This Fall, we doubled the number of students we serve and tripled our number of school partners. We end this year celebrating the success of our students and staff all ASAS NJ sites: Achieve Community Charter School, Camden Street Elementary School, George Washington Carver Elementary School, Marion P Thomas PAC Academy, Marion P Thomas STEAM Academy, North Star Academy Elementary Schools (6), North Star Academy Middle Schools (6), Phillips Academy Charter School, and Newark Vocational High School.


2022 Student Highlights

"12 Days of Program" | Program Yearly Recap

​In January, we welcomed our students back to Afterschool 2022 and into new innovative activity-based enrichment aligned with our five initiatives:

Academic Readiness

Career Exploration

Life Service Action

Health & Wellness

STEM & the Arts.

Site: Achieve Community Charter School

​At ASAS NJ we teach our students to love themselves, their families, and their community infinitely and without discrimination.

We practice showing self-respect, mutual respect for our peers, and empathy on a daily basis.

ASAS Site: Camden Street Elementary School

Our Creative Hands class infuses elements of sewing, crafting, beading, and creative art into one class. Here students at Marion P Thomas Charter School are participating in the Creative Hat contest for (After)School Spirit Week!

ASAS Site: Marion P Thomas Charter School

​One of the ways we work to break the opportunity gap is to expose our students to outdoor activities and exercises that allow them to DEVELOP team building skills, LEARN how to grow food outdoors, and PLAY like a kid!

ASAS Site: Achieve Community Charter School

ASAS NJ was awarded $119k from the NJ Office of Attorney General for Community Based Violence Intervention work.

Students across ASAS NJ sites will participate in classes that will help them develop health tools to resolve conflict, process emotions, and prevent student-on-student violence.

ASAS Site: Camden Street Elementary School

As a team we pledge to educate our students about violence and its long-term negative impact in our communities.

ASAS NJ Staff Summer PD

We teach our students ways to communicate and express themselves, and provide them with safe spaces to be their unique selves.

ASAS Site: Achieve Community Charter School

Students are given the amazing opportunity to create fresh dishes in cooking classes.

With access to high-quality cookware and equipment, we are teaching scholars how to eat healthily to sustain their community for the future!

ASAS Site: Marion P Thomas

ASAS NJ Welcomes North Star Academy into our afterschool family!

This month we launch afterschool enrichment across 12 North Star Academy campuses in Newark, bringing our total of students served to 2,000.

ASAS Site: North Star Academy

During the annual “Lights On After-School" national campaign, all ASAS NJ Sites participated in special enrichment activities.

From pep-rallies, talent shows, science experiments, and more; the Lights were on our scholars.

ASAS Site: North Star Academy

​Arts and Crafts is such an amazing time to provide our All-Stars an opportunity to be creative.

With this, we are developing a collaborative and fun atmosphere!

ASAS Site: North Star Academy

At our North Star West Side Park Elementary site, students created snow globes and artificial snow using common household items.

We enjoy using science to expand the minds of our scholars.

ASAS Site: North Star Academy, West Side Park


At ASAS NJ we remain committed to ensuring all students we serve receive equitable, high-quality afterschool enrichment. We offer daily afterschool enrichment during the school year and summer months. Our programs operate on grants and donations from people – like you – who believe that afterschool programs help provide students the foundation to be successful in school and life.

You can support After-School All-Stars NJ the following ways:


Supports general afterschool enrichment for ASAS NJ students


Provides one week’s worth of snack and supplies for one class


Covers the monthly cost of afterschool enrichment for one student


Covers the monthly cost of afterschool enrichment for two students

Show your support for ASAS NJ by making your gift today!



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