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February Recap Newsletter

Welcome to our second newsletter of the year! February was an historic month for the chapter with Black History Month performances, the arrival of our New Executive Director, and the amazing opportunity in serving over 1800 students weekly.

This month's newsletter will consist of:

  • Black History Month Performance Spotlights

  • Introduction from Dr. Ricks, ASAS NJ Executive Director

  • Interview with Teneva Jarrett, ASAS NJ Site Coordinator

  • Interview with Kelisa Brisbon, former ASAS NJ Intern

Message from Dr. Naima Ricks

Interview with Kelisa Brisbon

Kelisa is a former ASAS NJ Intern from People's Prep High School who participated in multiple internship opportunities with us alongside our Director of Program and Impact, Janay Boughton

What was your experience like with ASAS NJ?

“My first year of interning, I was interested with After School All-Stars and automatically connected with what it stood for. Although my time there was virtual and I mostly helped Janay with administrative work. I tried my best to connect with the students by observing classes and later creating a virtual fashion “Melanificent Drip" to empower the black and brown students of ASAS NJ and to remind them that their melanin is magnificent.

After my internship I was offered to come work at ASAS in the summer as an intern where I assisted different classes like cosmetic beauty, cooking and sewing classes. I also interned with my supervisor Janay once again during my senior year because I felt like there was still so much I wanted to learn from her. Which I definitely did, this year I was able to participate in assisting with the hiring of ASAS staff and viewing ASAS sites to determine what we can do to better these sites. It gave me the opportunity to look from the outside of being a staff member and also taught me that being a director, like my supervisor would mean hard conversations.”

What is your favorite part about Interning with All-Stars?

“My favorite part about interning is connecting and building relationships with the children. It’s extremely exciting to see them learn new things and develop as people. Even when I’m having a bad day just talking to a student or being hugged by a student makes me being an intern feel worth it.”

How has After-School All-Stars New Jersey helped you grow?

“After School All-Stars have helped me grow in many ways. Firstly by given me professional skills that I can forever use for future internships and opportunities. Secondly, and most importantly patience, I’ve learned how to handle situations by seeing my site coordinators and co-workers find solutions to every problem. Thirdly, ASAS has made me deepen my creativity just by seeing the students there be so creative. ASAS have always asked for me to come back and it honestly makes me feel good to know I’m making an impact but they are also impacting me and making me a better person.”

What are your college and career goals?

“My college and career goal is to study psychology at a university then become a child therapist which makes my relationship with All-Stars so major because I have experienced what it feels like to work with children and be that mentor for them.”

Interview with Teneva Jarrett

Teneva is a Site Coordinator at Camden Street School, and also a mother of two children in our program at Camden Street

Black History Performance Spotlight

During Black History Month, our sites were tasked with developing presentations that show the uniqueness of Black History. Check out three amazing displays of talent and creativity!

Donate to After-School All-Stars New Jersey!

  • $50 – supports general afterschool enrichment for ASAS NJ students

  • $100 – provides one week’s worth of snack and supplies for one class

  • $250 – covers the monthly cost of afterschool enrichment for one student

  • $500 – covers the monthly cost of afterschool enrichment for two students


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